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Condo, Community & HOA Unit Owner Representation

California Attorney Advocates for Unit Owners in Homeowner Association Conflicts

Law firm aids residents in the Campbell area when development leaders overreach

In many residential communities, homeowners associations and similar bodies have tremendous influence over your ability to enjoy the home you’ve purchased. If your rights are being violated or the association is not honoring its covenant obligations, the Law Office of Peter A. Liebow, APC can help. I have extensive experience representing clients in the Campbell area and throughout California. I have the knowledge and background to help you see that you can occupy your residence in the manner intended.

Skilled advocate represents shareholders in various community disputes

My firm represents resident shareholders in developed communities with all types of cases, including:

  • Unsafe conditions — Homeowners associations are required to maintain safe conditions in all common areas. However, sometimes this does not occur due to negligence or cost-cutting. I can explain their legal duties and whether action can be taken to improve community safety.
  • Arbitrary rules and enforcement — Unfortunately, neighbors who have authority within a homeowners association sometimes enact rules that have no connection to the community’s well-being. Other times, selective enforcement is used as a means of settling personal scores. If you’ve been victimized by an association that’s out of control, I can advise you on your options.
  • Financial impropriety — In California, I work with clients who believe the board overseeing their property has misused funds or breached their fiduciary duty. If a board member seems to be favoring their personal interests over the community’s needs, a violation might have occurred.

The Law Office of Peter A. Liebow, APC represents unit owners for these conflicts and other issues that arise with community and homeowners associations. When it seems that you have no recourse for decisions that have gone against you, I can help.

Contact a skilled California condominium and homeowner association law attorney for help

If you need help with a homeowners association matter, I am ready to assist you. Call the Law Office of Peter A. Liebow, APC today at 408-215-7040 or contact me online to schedule your consultation at my Campbell office.

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